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UTAG membership is substantial and comprises taxi drivers, suppliers of goods and services to the trade and supportive members of the public.

Our members informed

At UTAG, our members need to be aware of developments and how we are holding the decision makers to account.

Taking action

Supporting the fight for survival. A collaboration between drivers & supplying stakeholders of the taxi trade

Tipping the Scales

TFL are setting a dangerous precedent when regulating surface transport. As a regulated, responsible trade, we cannot sit idle and allow this to continue.

How we help those in need

Transporting the less abled to hospital appointments

It is a fact that when the taxi trade is fully behind something, we are a formidable force. As UTAG’s action relies on donations, drivers will need to play a strong part in fundraising. You can assist UTAG by positively promoting the message to other drivers and your customers.

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“Joining and donating to UTAG will not only help uphold the traditions of the cab trade, but help us to preserve the future of the trade and the importance of The Knowledge .”

Angela Clarkson, UTAG Director

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There are a number of different ways to donate. Click on the button below to help make the changes needed.

Trusted in London since 1654

London Licensed Taxis are a vital part of the transport network and as such enjoy special status.
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